konuyla belki biraz ilgili birşeye denk geldim bugün


Geneli başka birşeyle ilgili ancak satır aralarında 'boş kaset koleksiyonu' yapan bir abimiz şöyle birşey söylemiş

It also means, for reasons I can’t fully explain here, that I collect blank cassette tapes.
I repeat: I collect blank cassette tapes.

So I know what pity is: pity is the reaction I get when I try to explain to a friend why I’m excited about finding a classic 1980′s Fuji super-ferric in a charity shop, still with most of the original stickers. Pity is the look dinner guests give my wife when they come into the dining room and see a wall of TDK, Sony and Maxell stacked above the fireplace. Here’s the thing: if you are truly a nerd, being pitied by "normals" is part of the deal. It’s not contempt, don’t mistake it for that. It’s a kind of rather-you-than-me bewilderment at your current life choices. That’s all. But you already know this, because you’re a nerd, and like me, you’re used to it.